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9 December 2015

wishlist | merry monochrome

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omg i know, ok. i have been pinning far too much black of late, and i really don't see an end in sight. since going pink up top, and adding more colour to the arm, it's become harder and harder to wear the bright colours all the time, as i feel like i just look a bit more confetti crowd than scathingly brilliant, and that's not good. i mean, it's good for them, but i'm not sure i can pull it off.

maybe it's an age thing too? like, finally at 31 i've decided that dressing like a toddler maybe isn't doing me any favours (although it certainly does still fool people into thinking i am years younger than i actually am, so *sass*), and my brain's decided to do something about it subconsciously. like how when i was out trying to find a ~practical winter coat for edinburgh that's both warm and waterproof, i kept grabbing wine and khaki coloured ones, and brain kept going "lol, no. get the black one". 

well, i ended up with the black one (above) too, and it's the ~first black coat i've ever owned. *sob* this is the end of an era; like, i'm from emo central in australia (radelaide), and lived in wellington for a couple years, and both of those cities are known for their population of black wearers. i've avoided wearing black through being an emo (yes, really). through living in the wettest and windiest city on earth. through four years in london. london! where you can walk the streets in a wonder woman costume without people glancing in your direction, and yet all of a sudden... i'm all about the black.

and you know what they say about once you go black... i'm hoping i will go back though, because i do miss wearing colours all the time, and buying fun prints and dresses. for now though, monochrome is just a bit of a phase, as it is still quite a new thing for me, so we can all rest assured that come spring time i will be back to my old ways... or, at this rate i'll be wearing ripped skinny jeans and thigh high boots by christmas.

*post written in collaboration with m&m direct*

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