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28 March 2016

some happy things

current mood: grumpy. knackered from a weekend away, snotty from a this head cold that i can't shift despite the glorious weather, and headachey from sniffing and blowing and sniffing and blowing my nose for the last three months (ish). previous mood: happy. here's why:

spring has finally sprung: it's here; it's finally here! the last day of winter was last sunday, making monday the first official day of spring. to welcome in the new week, sunday's sunset was something that skyporn is made from. start as you mean to go on, eh (that rain towards the end of the week was so totally unacceptable) - we're pleased to have you here, spring. won't you stay a while?

the weird (but healthy) snack challenge: the healthy folks over at earlybird have re-launched their snack boxes this year, but with a bit of a twist - the combinations are a tad stranger than the last time i tried them, and so when the box landed on my desk during the week, i had the pleasure of playing "guess that snack" with my colleagues (who were all but happy with the snacks, except the cacao and cinnamon dipped kale... that one needs never to return). not sure i have them convinced though...

seasonal syrups: it's that time of year again - the coffee shops are all trying to out-spring each others seasonal menus, meaning more ways to use the same four flavours they have all year-round! this week i tried both the vanilla bean (tastes like a white mocha) and burnt honey (tastes like a vanilla latte) macchiatos from starbucks, and although both were very sweet and yummy, they're nothing i hadn't tried before (unlike the amazing new starbucks cups i had over the weekend!). the new peruvian bean on the other hand? well, that is delicious, and totally worth the extra 20p to have it replace the regular blend in my four-shot latte (syrup-free).

bunnies! omgggggggg chloe and i were scrolling through instagram during the work when we saw one of our colleagues upload a picture of her hugging a bunny, somewhere in the building! with the promise of bunnies on ~one of the nine floors, we took the stairs and narrowed down the choices based on the colour of the walls (brought the options down to three, including our floor, where there were definitely ~no bunnies!) to two, then set about bunny hunting! we found them up on the fourth floor, courtesy of instagram who had popped by to wish our colleagues at carat happy easter with a handful of fluffy buns, and an afternoon tea of eggs, cupcakes and tea. we could have cared less about the tea - we just wanted bunny hangs!

such a pretty city: on thursday night i was off out from work to meet up with some of my ex-colleagues for a leaving do, in a part of mayfair i'd never walked through before. it was totally easy to find, not barely a twenty minute from my work, but a whole new world of prettiness to look at! i can't believe how often i take london fro granted, opting to travel out of the pretty city that i call home to find beautiful floors and buildings and flowers to take photos of, when they're just as - if not more, pretty here. oh london, i will never take you for granted again!

no she did not(tingham): did you know i was in nottingham over the weekend? no? weird, i'm sure i posted one ~zillion updates while i was there, but that's only because i had the most fab time there - and by myself, no less! but girl, if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?

and now i am tired, and need a monday off. oh, well what do you know...!

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