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11 March 2016

style | the 90s called...

it seems like my recent foray into the world of midi-dresses knows no bounds, as merely a week after i debuted my first attempt at styling one pre-spring midi dress, here i am, back in another. and honestly, the more i wear them, the more i feel like an extra from a bad 90s tv show. this floral dress from joy ~literally reminds me of one i had when i was a pre-teen: crepe fabric, deep pockets, below the knee, a combination of colours that don't naturally go together (blue and orange, say wuuuut)... although, it certainly is a lot more flattering on than anything that came out of the 90s.

it's a little shorter than the last one, but certainly still longer than what i'm used to. i'm still not entirely sure it's a style i can pull off, but the louche midi dress is too pretty to stay hanging in the wardrobe without its day in the sun, so here i am - giving it a go.

midi dress c/o joy | denim jacket : tk maxx | boots + belt : primark

i know boots and a belt was the exact same thing i did with the last one, but... it's kind of my go-to styling kit. because the colours of the print in this are a split between warm ~and cool shades, i thought the best thing to do would be to keep the accessories spring-ready and so opted for the tan instead of the black this time 'round.

the addition of the denim jacket plays on the blue in the print, and - well, it's nice to have a reason to wear it again! it feels like it's been forever since i wasn't in my winter coat, but with the snow and sleet and flu and constant, never-ending rain, there's not really been much choice. being stuck inside with the heating on full for an entire weekend seemed like the break i needed. ha. bonus points that it still fits(ish)(it never ~really did) after what feels like the longest winter of all time.

i am super conscious of my hair. this is the exact reason why i don't really wear a lot of colour any more: it's all very muchy. too muchy, if i'm honest. i see other girls with bright hair wearing bright colours and i love it and think it looks great, then as soon as it's me, i'm like nooOoOoOooOoooo it's too much! plus: what kind of person wears orange and pink together? i ~never wanted to be this girl, yet here i am.

i should also mention i am wearing ~nude lipstick (brown) and peachy-gold blush (brown), and the addition of the above pose well and truly completes my regression to full 90s screen queen.
drew barrymore: i am you.

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