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23 March 2016

wishlist | florals? for spring? ground-breaking.

this past weekend, i did yet ~another wardrobe clear out. my landlady/flatmate has the flat on the market at the moment, and there have been a number of viewings over the last few weeks, so i'm sure it won't be long now until it'll be time to move again. considering that when i first moved to this here island i brought nothing with me but one large suitcase and a trolley case full of clothes and shoes, i have somehow amassed enough stuff to fill a one-bedroom flat. it's not ideal.

i threw a bunch of handbags away - one's i've been sent, or ones i bought so flippantly when i casually had a surplus of money to throw around on shit i don't need and never use, and it felt good to whittle down the stash. the ones left are my favourites; ones that go with everything, or ones that serve a particular purpose: small enough for a festival, ted baker-y enough for a wedding, big enough for my laptop. y'know, those essential handbag scenarios, ha.

i found a few of my "expensive" purses too. proper leather ones, by australian bag designer kate hill. she's no kate spade, but when i was in my early twenties, any kate was a good kate. they're all still in really good condition too, unlike the cheap and nasty purse i'm rocking from last year. this just proves (to no-one but me, i'm sure, because i'm almost positive that you're all much more sensible than i) that spending a bit more on a good quality purse or handbag is the way to go. i love teaching myself lessons on weekends when i'm home alone.. it's much more beneficial than having a life and spending uneccessary amounts of money on coffee and brunch and other such fun and frivolous things...

when in italy i hoped to find a pretty, leather, polka dot purse. i bought (and returned) one from kate spade that just... didn't steal my heart, but i couldn't find what i was looking for. it can't be that hard, can it? i know what i want, i must have seen it somewhere, it has to exist outside of my head. it just must. so, if you'd seen a large, leather, black and white polka dot purse somewhere in this world that isn't going to break the bank and would be happy to come and live with me, please let me know. until then, i am coveting ted's latest floral range at house of fraser. ted just gets florals, man. he just gets it.

*written in collaboration with brand. all thoughts are my own*

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