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11 April 2016

some happy things

wanderlust - i have friends travelling all over the world right now, and not a single day passes that i don't receive pictures from their amazing adventures. from japan to china, back home in australia, exploring india and south east asia, and closer home here in europe, i am wildly jealous of all their adventures, and counting down the weeks until it's my turn again. well, not long now really, i'm off to the isle of wight this weekend with bex. look out dinosaur isle, we're coming for you!

determined friends - i had a pretty crap day on thursday, and had plans with four of my favourites that night. one by one though, people starting dropping out. with good reason, don't get me wrong, but i love plans and i was really looking forward to having a few drinks and blowing off some steam. slowly though, five dwindled down to two, and almost one when charley realised she was at the wrong pub - in the wrong borough - and i threw my hands up in despair and went to cancel the whole night. thankfully she jumped back on the tube and was with me in under ten minutes - hugs and wine for all! 

it's still unknown - everyone's favourite interactive events company have just launched another new night: thom foole's house party. charley and i headed over to the old queen's head in islington (not the queen of hoxton in shoreditch, see above) see what all the fuss was about after the sensational claims that it was "piss yourself funny" on the launch night. well. was it? yes...eventually. the night is staged like a house party (hint is in the name i guess), with "comedians" and other "funny acts" taking the stage for short ten minute sets where there was everything from insulting peoples' dead heroes to crude genital jokes to genuinely hilarious "slam poetry" bits, and it was one of the strangest nights of my life. sat at the table with us were two other parties: one group of four female colleagues clearly out on a bit of team bonding, with the leader of the pack apologising profusely to the others for dragging them out as the crisp-white-shirted ladies didn't quite get it, and a weird couple who were either on a first date, or who had been married for ages - we still can't tell - who absolutely loved every second of the show, and didn't not-laugh at an act. so, there's the barometer. after a few drinks and a shot of tequila, we were laughing as well, it just.. took a few rusty opening acts to get us there.

food babies - i've been lucky enough to eat in some incredible restaurants this week, each visit ensuring i eat far too much food and leave with a food baby brewing inside of me. reviews of both strada on panton street and carioca brazilian cafe in brixton to come. if you like food, check back throughout the week for more words on that topic.

watermelon surprise - i did something silly on saturday afternoon: i washed colour through my hair without conditioner. i usually mix purple conditioner and the vibrant red together to wash through my hair for a quick top-up in between proper colours, and this time i just... forgot. i just put vibrant red hair colour through my hair, and only realised my doo-doo when it came to wash it out and it looked like there'd been a murder in my white bathtub. cue me scrubbing the tub with every single cleaning product i could find shortly after to ensure there was no long-lasting damage. well, except to my head. it's very bright. no doubt it will fade... with time... and more washes... but, oh dear.

live music - on saturday night i met bex in camden and we headed to the unicorn for a bit of live music! a friend's record label has just released a split ep with scottish band 'maxwell's dead' and london locals 'mug', and i went along to play official photgrapher for the night. i don't know how well i did, but i certainly left sweaty and tispy. my favourite combination! if you're a fan of skate-park punk vibes, then go and check out the lads' split, you'll probably really like it!

april showers - right, so the weather got between rainy and grey to bright and sunny, and it's well confusing and getting super boring. except.. well, i really like sleeping to rain. so, if we could localise the rain and grey to night-time only, then have the sun out during the days, well... that would be kind of perfect, no? i can't shake the runny nose, and i doubt i will be able to while it's still so cold in the evening; all i need is a couple day of sun to fix me. of this i am sure.

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