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25 April 2016

some happy things

when i try to find a word to describe how i've been feeling over the last couple of weeks, "stressed" is the closest i can get - although even that is an understatement. overwhelmed, scared, exhausted, nervous, apprehensive. i've been feeling all those things, but yet "stressed" it what it all boils down to. my life has been very full-on this year, and doesn't seem to be slowing down at all - and i've noone to blame for it but myself. instead of saying no to friends or plans or events, i find myself incapable; instead of having early nights, i find myself binge-watching netflix, thinking about the next day's event, or trying to find a way out of the plans i have that i don't want to go to. because of that, i've really struggled to see the happy around me, and when i do, i'm not really sure it's happy. it must be happy, because it's the only time i don't feel stressed.

don't pity me, i don't need your sympathy. i just want to say it, so it's been said.

school trips | work's been a bit dull lately, but this week was ad week and there was an opportunity to head down to the soho picture house to take in one of the talks with the global president of the company i work for, on the collision of data and creativity in content marketing. i wasn't sure i'd get much out of it, but was pleased to "get out of the house" for a bit. the talk was actually really great; hearing from some of the industry's most influential figures about their history and their opinions was a really awesome thought-provoker, and i really actually took a lot out of it. plus, we went to the japan centre on the way back to work, and stocked up on loads of tasty treats. great day for an outing!

the benefit of the doubt | one of the events i wanted to get out of, was one aboard the good ship benefit. the idea of sitting through make up tutorials and having to make small talk with beauty bloggers was not something i was particularly looking forward to...but, once aboard, i was so glad to have made the effort. the event was short, thankfully, as my heart wasn't 100% in it still, but the bloggers were more than friendly, i had my make up done and compliments fed to me by a gorgeous mua, and i came away with a big smile and a little  goodybag, so i am really glad i went along. plus, you can't beat those views of london on a good day.

colourful cabana | after last week's wine tasting event with cabana in angel, it was only right that we head along to the brixton branch's menu tasting evening this week. it's difficult to stay too stressed in the face of colourful decor and tequila-laced cocktails, let alone when offered "bottomless tortillas", so i made sure to eat and drink my fill of both. more on that during the week.

god save the queen (long live the prince) | how about our queen, eh? 90 years old, when others members of the royal family don't manage to make it to 60. this year hasn't been terribly good for us, as far as our idols being taken from us too early, but celebrating the continued life of our reigning monarch this week felt a little sad, considering. we had a tea party in her honour at work, with pimms pong and tea cakes and mini sausages and scotch eggs, and of course a life-sized cut out of the birthday girl herself, which was a bit of fun. until it wasn't.

unlikely friends | i was approached by a little old lady while waiting for the bus on saturday, who decided that - despite having my headphones in, that she wanted to chat. we got on the bus together, sat next to each other, and she nattered on for a good twenty minutes about just about every topic under the sun. she doesn't see much of her grand kids since they moved to ashford, and she's still waiting on her latest orthopaedic referral, in case you were wondering. when i got off the bus she gave me the biggest, warmest smile i'd seen in days, and waved me off. what a day to be alive!

moving on out | so, i spent the weekend packing up my life, once again. i'm moving out of the room i've lodged in for the last two years and into a big flat with one of my best friends. i'm equal parts excited and nervous, because living with friends can be hard and i really do hope it all works out. i'll hopefully be saving a bit of money too - eventually, which will be a nice change. i suppose i should stop taking holidays, but... i can't. not yet. for now, i'm looking forward to moving day, and getting my stuff into a room that i'm sure doesn't have enough storage, and then having to head out and buy a bunch of furniture. this next month is going to be stressssful, and full of boxes. wish us luck.

tell me about you; what's been making you smile this week?