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21 April 2016

london | the good ship benefit

to preface this post: i am not a beauty blogger, obviously; but i do wear, and enjoy wearing, a lot of make up. specifically good make up that a) makes me look younger than i am, b) is good for my skin, and c) has fabulous packaging. so, when i found out that benefit were launching their new blush palette "cheekathon" on a giant pink boat on the river thames, well, my curiosity was piqued! lucky for me, my work pal sophie was also desperate to go, and so after work yesterday we headed down to embankment, and boarded the r.s. hispaniola (on wednesdays we board pink ships).

with bubbly drink in hand, we took a seat in the fabulous pinkton parlour while resident mua lauren talked us through her top tips for spring/summer make up looks, including some hacks from the new cheekathon palette. it was actually really nice to sit and watch someone (in real life) do someone else's make up, because it means you can sort of self-asses your own methods. like, i have been doing my make up pretty much the same for... ever, but seeing how someone else applies blush or blends foundation around the eyebrows was really interesting.

after the quick tutorial we were free to roam the other rooms. we headed to the brow lounge first, both in desperate need of some help in that area, but it seemed everyone had the same idea. so i headed to the make up revival station and had my face tended to after a long day of sitting under halogen lighting. worried that my skin is all getting a bit old, the lovely benebabe was nothing but perfectly complimentary of my face, and once she'd taught me how to contour the shit out of it, i hired her on the spot for daily encouragement. she wasn't sure.

the good ship benefit will be moored on the thames right through the summer for all our pore-fessional needs, though it doesn't just provide a make-up service in the benefit boutique! there's a fully-licenced bar and restaurant called "lashitude" on the upper deck, as well as "hoola decks" serving afternoon bevvies outside in the open air. there's no cost to get on board, so why not head down to check it out for yourself? 

*thanks to benefit and the house of fraser pr teams for having us down to take a look!* 

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