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18 April 2016

some happy things

i've just returned home after a long day of travelling back from the isle of wight. a wonderful weekend across the bay, with sunshine and rain, lots of animal play, and far too much food. so this post is going to be a little lacklustre, because: i am tired. please forgive me.

birthday treats | there have been a number of birthdays at work again this week, which can again only mean one thing: birthday cake! again! we had a variety of cupcakes around the start of the week, and some tasty vicky sponge again by the end. there was one more birthday over the weekend, so i've got my fingers crossed hard that someone comes through with the goods again today.

running amok | i was so pleased i got to master a new recipe in the week! granted, the shopping for the ingredients was the absolute worst, but the pay off was absolutely worth it. deeelicious to boot! i'd love to hear if you try  it yourself, or if you have anything similar for me to try; when i move next week, i'll have all my cooking bits back out in full force, and can't wait to try some new dishes.

egg-cellent finds | easter was weeks ago now, but sometime during the week, a box full of egg-cellent surprises made their way down into our kitchen. where the came from, we never found out. where they went? well, they were lindt, pocket sized, and free. wherever they went, they went quickly.

wine wednesday | i met up with claire, aj and kelly on wednesday, for a fun wine-tasting event at cabana in angel. there were so many tasty wines to try and some delicious dishes to try, but i can't really remember much about them because: all the wine. what i can tell you is that i drank not one, not two, but three glasses of ~red wine - a colour of wine that is not usually favoured by me, and you know what? they were ~bloody delicious! i had no idea those brasilians knew how to make wine so tasty, but i'm glad  i learned because i know how a couple of new favourite flavours. it's ok, i took photos to help me remember. more on that another time...

a whole new world (of photography) | i got a new camera last week, and oh my god i am in love. i was tossing up between the pen that every one seems to have, and one that did the same thing but a whole lot cheaper because i am cash poor and don't care about brand names. so instead i picked up the sony a5000 with the help of a camera-savvy friend, and i've not stopped playing with it since i brough it home. it's on offer at the minute too, so if you're in the market...

the isle of wight | bex and i seriously had the best time this weekend. from hanging about with hungry monkeys and walking slow llamas, it was jam packed with excellent activities that we would never have been able to do anywhere else - and certainly not all in the space of 24 hours! there's so much more to say, so i'll leave that for another day...

i trust you've had yourself a wonderful week too; what's been making you happy?

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