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13 September 2016

ireland | day one in dublin

urgh, i have been putting this post off for ages, mainly because omg i took soooooo many photos, and partly because it was ages ago that i went now, and we did so much in that week that we were there, that i just... have forgotten so much of what we did and saw. especially when a lot of what we did was basically just wander around, drive between towns, take a lot of pictures of pretty houses, and eat a lot of potatoes. so, not the most inspiring blog post, but still, i took a lot of photos, so the least i can do is share those with you. so, without further ado... here is day one in dublin, in pictures.

wandering from christ church to dublin castle, and the castle gardens.

strolling through temple bar in search of food and drink! (everywhere)

the bigggggest plate of food i've ever eaten! delish lunch at o'neils near temple bar.

st. stephen's gardens - such a lush day!

after a full afternoon of wandering the friendly, cobbled streets of the country's capital, we took our final walk back to the hotel over ha'penny bridge. it had been a totally early start (up at 6, yawn), and the weather had somehow decided it was going to be unbelievably beautiful for us, so we were hot and bothered, as well as tired. the hotel was about 35 mins out of the city, so it was a matter of getting the luas (tram) back - once we figured out where the stops were. thank god for the irish and their wonderfully helpful ways! day one in dublin was a raging success, and the next one looked to be even better - more on that next time...

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