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28 September 2016

pizza with personality

yes, i am aware that "create your own" pizza has always been a thing; you know that sitting at the bottom of the pizza menu is bound to be the choose-your-own adventure of your pizza dreams. usually though, everything is an extra. want pepperoni but don't want peppers? that'll cost ya. want mushrooms and no olives. sure! pay up. want a barbecue sauce but not barbecue chicken? fine. show me the money first. 

at pizza buzz though, the order of the day is entirely up to you, and comes without extra cost (you do still have to pay, sadly). it's a pizza bar with personality, with a sort of subway-esque mentality. you start by choosing your base (starting at £4.25) - and you'd better make it count, as it'll lay the foundation for what comes next: the fun part. for £1.50 you can choose as many proteins as you fancy. want proscuito and pepperoni? you go it! bacon and chicken and prawns? not a problem. no matter what combination of toppings you fancy, it'll only ever run you that extra £1.50 

then there's the cheese. all nine varieties of it - and that's not including the original base cheese. you can literally have an eight-cheese pizza, and that will only cost you an extra £1.95. genius or what? the final touch is the veg toppings. choose your type of tomatoes, your fresh greens and your preferred type of mushrooms, and that's only going to set you back £1. as much veg, seasoning and herbs on top of your creation, for a measly quid. who could complain at that!

so what did i choose? obviously i went with the classic margarita base. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. then, i went for prosciutto and king prawns as my meat, roma tomatoes, mushroom, chilli and spinach as my toppings, and buffalo and goats cheese as my dairy additions. because i couldn't decide, and because i wanted both. and it was deeeeeelish! the other girls tried some of the more curious of bases (one a pesto, one a white sauce), but i do like my pizzas quite... normal, thanks.

they also have that incredible drinks machine you find at five guys - you know the one, with more than 100 different flavours? yeah. peach lemonade for life, yo! - as well as a fairly well-stocked beer fridge and working bar. oh, and ice cream. if you don't, like, fill up on the pizza being stuffed into your pie hole (me), then yeah, there's both dairy and dairy-free options available, so there's quite literally something in that pizza joint for everyone.... so what are you waiting for?

pizza buzz
the alphabeta building
2b worship street, london
ec2a 2ah

*my meal was complimentary, but all words are my own*

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