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12 September 2016

some happy things

after the business that was the return to work and then another full weekend, this past week has been pretty quiiiiiiet - which was actually really lovely. i've sort of got a pretty weird cough/sneeze sitch going on at the moment too, so i've just been slowly coughing myself to death in the comfort of my own room as much as possible this week, and keeping it pretty low-key. hasn't stopped the smiles though:

cruise'n | literally cannot get over the fact i was on a cruise ship last weekend, and have spent every spare minute googling cheap and last minute cruises to just about anywhere. like seriously, dear cruising industry: just take all my money!

over it | on monday i faced two of my biggest fears to date, and although one of them made me utterly miserable and a complete nervous wreck, i couldn't be prouder of myself for getting through it. it's a funny old feeling, that pride...

voluminous | is there any better feeling that opening a box of tropical looking hair treatments that not only match your hair, but also make it smell like holiday? no, there's not.

bottomless drunks | a couple of the london-orphans squad are back in the big smoke for a couple of weeks, so on the weekend we celebrated the only way we know how: with bottomless brunch. usually that means your drink is refilled as many times as you like within a two-hour window. this one though: also bottomless food. argggghhhh. more on that later in the week.

don't be a dick | i solemnly swear i will not be a dick. my pin game has been upped!

baby's day out | with a raging hangover i hit the streets of east london with mum on saturday, as i planned to show her some of my favourite hangouts. we headed to spitalfields market for a wee shop before talking a wander through the city farm behind brick lane to hang out with the farm animals! it was so much fun feeding the baby donkeys and taunting the ferrets to wake up and be entertaining, and i was no less giddy than the actual children spending the day there with their parents. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! we also ate delish daal and drank bottomless chai at dishoom, and mamma gave it the royal nod. we've got a winner!

hope you've been smiling this week too.

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