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23 September 2016

style | dotty daze

are you sick of seeing this coat yet? too bloody bad! since it arrived from everything 5 pounds i knew it was going to be an autumn staple, and this week i fiiiiiinally got the chance to actually wear it out into the world! the weather was so cool and mild on saturday that the #outfitoftheday called for layers - and lots of them. cue my new favourite dress, and one i've been gagging to wear since it made its way to almost a month ago, and the biggest bargain of a coat i've ever owned. a match made in heaven!

dress + coat c/o everything5pounds | bag c/o george | shoes : asos | clinique pop matte c/o house of fraser

i'm still also on the lipstick-wot-matches-my-hair hype too, and this clinique pop matte lip gloss and primer in petal pop is the current exact match to the shade my hair has faded out to. it's some sweet, candy floss pink at the moment, and i am really loving it! it's still not the colour i really want it to be, but it's still so very "me"! i think next time i'll try a warmer shade as then it'll fade a little more coppery than pastel, which will be perfect for autumn/winter - don't you think?

i'm also so excited that my hair's finally long enough to pin back up in milk braids! this was my fave rushing-out-the-door 'do from last year, but since having the chop about a year ago, it's been pretty hard to do anything but wear it down or in a bun. it's nice to have another option though, for sure, and i think it's a really pretty look for my head. yay for old hair tactics!

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