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3 October 2016

some happy things

pink air planes | as if heading off on holiday isn't already the best thing to happen at an airport, but being greeted with a totally pink plane and entirely pink crew? ugh. giving me life. especially when they switched their shoes after take off, and all popped sandals on with socks while they crewed the plane. i loved it! pink and comfortable, just like me.

kolorful reykjavik | i have never seen a city so. damn. colourful. i loved everything about reykjavik, and i can't wait to share aaaaaaaall of my favourite pictures from my birthday trip with you tomorrow.

birthday balloons | birthday! need i say more? i spent my birthday with mum on a epic tour of iceland. we started with the blue lagoon, then the golden circle, gulfoss waterfalls and the geisir. it was one incredddible day, and one that won't be forgotten any time soon.

a cheeky lay-in | after such a big day, i deserved a lay-in for sure. is there anything better?

hunting party | the mother freaking northern lights. i cannot even. i can't.

goodbye pies | back to work on friday for one important matter: gemma's leaving lunch. sad to see her go, but grateful to have eaten pizza. again. i am so glad i spend all that money on a trainer... 

stormy saturday | on saturday i met mum out in east london, and we headed over to broadway market for lunch. i'd never been before (i know!) and when she asked me about it after reading about it in one of her many, many guide books, i suggested we go. shame about the weather, but what are you gonna do? we grabbed some tasty street food and found a dry log to lean on while we ate, then scouted for coffee. we found this adorrrrable little cafe just off the main bit, called twigs. the decor was quirky and fresh, and the staff were so nice! the coffees were small, but really yummy, so i will definitely be back. we then wandered the canal and wandered through vicky park before finding our way to hackney wick and heading in our separate directions. with cheesecake. obviously.

unpoppable | tastiest. popcorn. ever! was super excited to get back from holiday to find a super lightweight package had arrived for me while i was gone. nina's gorgeous floral packaging was the first thing to grab my eye, but then the flavours really clinched the deal. the sweet coconut, himalayan pink salt and macha one was by far my favourite, with the goji berry, cacao and pistachio a super close second. but that packaging? dreamy. just dreamy.

hope your week was as wonderful as mine was. here's to another win!

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