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31 October 2016

some happy things

i've taken the doctor's advice this week and slowed down a little. i've forfeited the gym on my nights off for early nights and lots of healthy dinners. i've also introduced multi-vitamins into my morning regime, and i'm already starting to feel the benefits of it all. the week "off" has been good for me, so maybe i will spend some more time on "me" more often. despite the slow week, there's still been a lot of little things making me happy. like...

brunch | because all good weeks begin with brunch.

autumn vibes | i walk past this one bush every day on my way to the train station, and over the last few weeks i've watched them slowly turn from green to yellow, to orange to red. they're the most beautiful colours i've ever seen. so autumnal.

stoked! the piece i wrote last week about my trip to stoke-on-trent was so well-received by everyone in the potteries that i was asked by two separate local authorities if my piece could be use in promotional marketing about the pretty city. how exciting!

doors of instagram | i walk past this door so often, and never take a photo. now i have.

diplomacy | a few weeks back i signed up to an online academy that will issue me a diploma in digital marketing after a few solid weeks of study and assignments. sure, i work in digital media, but i have no tertiary education, and something like that will look good on my cv. i got 95% on my first assesment, which puts me in good stead for the rest of the semester!

gothic midtown | viki and i headed to gothic midtown on wednesday night for some spooks and scares, and to taste test their halloween-flavoured cocktails, dreamt up by masters of mixology: ladies and gentlemen. the event wasn't necessarily what i thought it was going to be like, but it was nice to see viki and the other girls again, but also to still get an early night.

cheese and wine | friday afternoon was my team's second instalment of cheese night, and this time we had more than six types of cheese, hummus, crackers, and - most importantly, wine. this will be my legacy, for real. don't let anyone tell you that you don't make friends with cheeses.

more brunch | see above re: brunch. more on this in the week.

emo mouse | i'm a mouse, duh. hope you had as much of a great halloween night as i did. here's to last minute costumes and make up hairlines that sweat off the more you dance. *takes a bow*

have a great week, everyone!