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14 October 2016

style | a leopard never changes its spots

well, so much for that darker colour i dyed my hair, eh? i've only washed it once so far and it's already fading out pretty unevenly.. my fringe ends are pretty blonde already too! gutted, but ah well. it was worth a try, i just guess i'll go back to the old colour and maybe mix some red with it to give it a little warmth, and more appropriate for autumn. my roots have taken really well though, so it's kind of an ombre look at the moment.. wearing it up like this is ok as you can't see the layers of shades that trickle down from the crown, but wearing it down is another story! gutted!

i wasn't sure my hair would really go with any of my autumn wardrobe, but i'm constantly surprised by just how much pink actually compliments. take this pinafore for example. the shades are rust and soft pink, and yet my colourful bonce doesn't seem to clash too much with it, which is awesome news! i've been tearing through my wardrobe trying to find pieces that will go with my new, fave boots, and i think i'm on to a winner with this pinny!

boots + top : primark | dress : asos (old) | bag c/o e5p

i've been struggling to replace my old faithful chelsea boots from last season (again)(now i can't replace the ones i bought to replace my old old ones!), but when i found these smashing leopard print ones in primark last week, i figured they'd do in the mean time. problem is, i didn't account for just how many patterned dresses i own.. i've never been one for mixing patterns, so until i can find the perfect black boots, it's going to be a careful selection process in the morning i think.

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