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26 October 2016

wishlist | party time, excellent!

if i remember correctly, i had a minimum of four christmas parties to attend in the lead up to the big day last year - each requiring a party outfit appropriate for the festive season, seasonal weather, and whether or not i liked the company i was keeping. and now there are only nine fridays until christmas. nine. which means two pay days, but really only one more until christmas party season commences, and so far: i have nothing to wear.

weirdly, my wardrobe is pretty light on party dresses. sure, i have a loooooot of nice dresses, but when you wear them every day, or out on the odd night out, they lose their charm and sparkle. so, i'm on the hunt for some new ones. or a new one, and some versatile accessories to make it seem a bit more like more than one seeing as i am not made of money and can't feasibly by a new wardrobe for one particular time of year.

i've done my fair share of window shopping, and - as last year, not liked anything season-appropriate. why do christmas colours have to be such awful shades! red, green and gold are notttttt colours thaht i've ever enjoyed wearing, and christmas is no exception. give me silver and pink and brightly coloured prints - just in thicker and silkier fabrics, and i am sold! anything with a hint of glitter will forever behold my heart, and so i am on the lookout for a new dress that has that little something special about it that will get me through this festive season.

have you stocked up on party dresses as yet? i'd love some help finding the right one!

*post written in collaboration. all thoughts are my own*

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