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7 November 2016

some happy things

after the "week off" that was last week, i sure as hell made up for it this week with all but one night totally busy, and all my "looking after myself" priorities totally elsewhere. thanks to some early-ish nights and the multi vitamins i have been taking religiously, i'm feeling pretty darn chipper too; thanks in part to:

charity haze | getting my hands dirty in the name of charity meant i started the week on a mega high. the more people i tell about my day at wok for 1000, the more proud i am of my contribution to the incredible event.

it was all yellow | i mean, for real. how gorgeous is autumn in regent's park?! i'm truly spoiled to have the park right on the doorstep of my work, which makes sunny lunchtime strolls a right goodun.

christmassy af | it's holiday cups season, bitches!

give us a smile | last week i went to the dentist, for the first time in six years; it wasn't as horrifying as i expected it to be, but it also wasn't the *most fun* experience i've ever had. it turns out that drinking as much coffee and diet coke as i do itsn't the *greatest stuff* for looking after your teeth, but i did come away with plaque-free pearly whites, and a small kick up the bum to start flossing.

why whine about wine | then the next night i met up with kb and we hit the wines, hard. thanks to an invite from the tastemakers over at m&s, we put our palettes to the test with ten - yes, ten - courses of wines from the brand's range, paired with some of their ready-to-eat foodie bites, with the intent to find our faves. after the first few glasses, i forgot to spit, and i stopped taking notes. whoops!

blinding blusher | i'm in love with my new blusher palette! i am basically 90% glitter these days.

bangarang hangs | i got to spend friday night with a handful of my bangarang babes, and we ate pizzas (more than was entirely necessary), drank far too many bottles of fizz, and talked well into the night. it constantly baffles me how i got to be so lucky in the friends department; i never could have asked for a better group of women in my life. they're constant cheerleaders, sounding boards, reliable confidants. i am a lucky girl.

citizen erica | i spent the night in the coolest hotel in east london on saturday, and it was the perfect opportunity to head into my favourite part of the city and really take advantages of some of its eccentricities. oh i do love me some east london!

lady dates | flower markets, coffee, and lady friends - oh my!

have a fantastic week, you special thing you.

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