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11 November 2016

style | grey matter

i try really hard to not fall victim to the thirty-something uniform of black, black, all-black clothing, but since going neon up top, it's hard. black is so easy, and effortless, and makes getting dressed in the morning totally simple. the one thing that helps me feel a bit better about black-ish outfits, is keeping my accessories un-black-ish. or, shades of black. or, in this case: grey.

i've been rocking my tan backpack for almost a year now - it's seen me through four different seasons, making it probably the most used accessory in my wardrobe ever. but, it doesn't really feel very "me" anymore; maybe it's time for a change. i found this pale grey backpack online recently, and thought it would make the perfect replacement. but then it arrived, and i discovered it's only a mere fraction of the size of my current tan one - one that fits just about everything a girl could want or need in her day-to-day life, and now i am unsure if can ever really be replaced.

backpack + scarf c/o zaful | mac + dress : everything 5 pounds | boots : asos

buuuuut also, maybe i just need to start carrying less shit. especially because it's the perfect bag to compliment my newest, favouritest scarf, and the one scarf i will be rocking while my hair is bright fuchsia. thick, blanketty, and terribly warm, the charcoal grey and pink number has been a firm favourite since it arrived last week. i wasn't sure it would work with the khaki mac, but i think it sort of does - right?

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