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28 November 2016

some happy things

guess who's sick. sick again. erica's sick, tell a friend. or not, because it's a boring story, and one as old as time. how one other-wise healthy person is this susceptible to head colds and flu, i will never know, but i'm truly over it. about two months ago i started taking multi vitamins as part of my morning routine, and i started to feel a lot perkier! then suddenly, the second night in gothenburg i woke myself up coughing, then on the train on the way back from gatwick i had a tickle in my throat, and then, on monday, i could barely pull myself out of bed from the excrutiating neck pain i had, and then boom! here's the flu. despite that though, there's been a few fun things. like:

burger dates | i caught up with katy the night after i got back from sweden, and we ate burgers, and gossiped, and drank fizzy wine. classic erica and katy! i coughed all over the food, but meh. that's life.

teethy tech | on wednesday, i had my follow-up check-up with the dentist. i visited the wellington clinic on the king's road a few weeks back for a teeth cleaning, and this time visited with dr. goodacre to have a proper once-over. he found nothing, not surprising, but kind of surprising seeing as i haven't been to the dentist in over six years. still, he had some seeeriously cool tech in his office that he let me play with slash showed me how they worked, because totally expensive. it was so much cooler than i remember the dentist being!

shopping spree | after the dentist, i had some time to kill so i popped into h&m, and popped out an hour and £40 later. i don't even know how that happened, becauase i genuinely haven't been into a shop and liked something in it in months, but somehow i walked out with not only four new items of clothing (and a greeeeat new phone cover for charlie's phone that i'm using), but four black items of clothing. soooo unlike me, but i really like all the pieces, and will get loads of wear out of them all, so... god bless black!

christmas with a twist | and if that wasn't a busy enough night, i then met up with ani over the new christmas menu at chi kitching inside debenhams. she's off back home in a few weeks, and it was nice to catch up with her properly before she leaves us for good. review of the new menu coming soon!

taco-ing a chance | after all the wahaca-woe that's been all over the news over the last few weeks, we really took a chance with it on thursday and hoped for the best when we chose to eat at the soho restaurant. i've been going to that restaurant for yeaaars without any problems, and this was another of those times. maaaan, i love me some tacos!

the party after party | the boohoo christmas party was sparkly as fuck, but i was so congested and tired and old, that i didn't stay long. long enough for some photo booth fun, of course!

happy little vegemite | omg i finally found vegemite in the big tesco about twenty minutes from my house. it's a godsend when you're sick, for real.

better bankside | my cabin-fever was at an all-time high on saturday, after being stuck in bed all day friday and sleeping a hundred hours that night, so i allowed myself a few hours out of the house on saturday for a private walking tour of the bankside. the girls and i started at the newly-opened flat iron square food market, then wandered the stretch between london bridge and southwark in the sun. it was such a nice day, and a well-deserved respite from my germy sick bed. i was back there before long, don't worry.

christmas is here | we spent the morning trawling the shops for festive food and decorations so we could - gulp - put our tree(s) up yesterday! yes, two trees because we could not agree on what sort of tree we wanted, and we're all so damn stubborn. i got a white one for the reception, with glittery pink decorations and warm white lights, and carmen and clem got a giant 7foot thing with allthethings on it, with allthelights all over it. it does look very festive, i'll give them that. it's the biggest tree i've ever had, and we're so lucky that we have a really giant roof! we listened to christmas songs, drank champagne and ate allthefood while we decorated, and it was really fun!

really hope you had as busy and fulfilling a week as i have!