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16 June 2017


buy and wear a metallic leather jacket and get your friends to take photos of you in a random north london back alley while onlookers walk past. job done. it's really that easy, because on this particular day, i was feeling reeeeeeally low. despite working out more and trying to eat better, i can't shift the weight i've put on around my belly - and my new, giant boobs. the weight gain is interfering with my clothing, and therefore interfering with my confidence; nothing fits. nothing sits right. nothing is comfortable. unless it's loose, of course. 

like this midi dress.

it's a large (and look how slim i used to be in it)(welp)(it's pictures like this that aren't helping). the tee is a size eight (and probably oversized). and the jacket is a medium. objectively, i'm not as huge as i think i am, but that's not the point. the point is my brain. the point is my confidence is knocked. the point is, i don't feel like me too much anymore.

but then i bought this jacket. i found it in the sale, with another 30% off. it was the last one, and i wasn't sure if it would fit (similar here, here, and here). i wasn't sure if it would look any good. i wasn't sure if it would make me too self conscious to wear it. it's metallic, for crying out loud. it's made of silver pleather, and the belt rattles with every step i take. it's hardly inconspicuous. 

and yet..

and yet, the minute i put it on, i couldn't have felt more bad ass. more like me. more confident. and if a £14 jacket is all it takes to do that, then girls i urge you: find that one item of clothing that you instantly fall in love with, that makes you feel like a queen, that you know you slay in - and wear it every god damn day of your life.

it's what i plan to do.

*images taken by little miss thing.

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