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9 June 2017


after the severe chub rub i sustained from a few warm days in malta, i knew i needed a better solution for slovenia than just some cut tights under my skirts. not because that's just hot and annoying, but because, that can't be a life-long solution.. can it? so, for the first time in a loooong time, i sought out some trouser options for the trip. i bought some wide leg jeans, and i bought some hot pink wide leg pants. on the model they looked fab! but i have a big bum and thick thighs, so trousers never look the same on me as they do on these five foot ten dolls they use to market products, but i was willing to try.

they're not super flattering on me - or so i think anyway, because they are so damn tight around my belly and the tops of my thighs that the whole "wide leg" is sort of redundant. they're more like straight leg than wide leg, but maybe i just got the wrong size. i was sort of guessing when it came to picking the size; i'm an 8-12 up the top (depending on brand), and 10-14 down the bottom (again, depending on brand), so i split the difference and went with a 12. 

they're from new look, which are my go to for cute and comfy dresses, and to be honest: they're really well made. they're made from a thick fabric, and are fully lined too. the fastening is triple-secure, with a button, a clasp, and a zip for good measure. and then there's a belt too! i'm not a fan of the belt; it adds more thickness to my belly, which i don't need, but it does cover the fact that i had to walk around for part of the day with the clasp and button undone...

trousers : new look | top c/o sugarhill boutique | bag c/o john browns | sandals : e5p | sunnies : primark

so yeah. they're tight, and cut into my belly, and draw attention to the parts of my body that i hate the most, but.. i love them! the pink is so bright and vibrant, and wearing trousers is so much more comfortable for my inner thighs, so there was definitely a silver lining. i'm the heaviest i've ever been right now, so going up a size might have just meant they wouldn't fit once i get back in shape, or, it could mean that i get more comfortable wear out of them. 

in the meantime, a loose-fitting top should do the trick. this sweet tropical shirt has been on my radar for weeks, since i first saw it on instagram. flamingos are my spirit animal, and the detail in the embroidered palm print is super pretty, so i knew this top would be the ideal partner for these pants. i love a bit of fresh white in my life! white is one colour i don't wear enough of, so this shirt's gone into regular rotation for wear with my jeans, summer skirts, and whatever the heck else i can find to wear it with. for now though, i'm going to do a little bit of tinkering and see if i can move the clasp and button over a little, to add a bit of give so i can actually sit down while wearing them. man, wearing trousers is really hard work...