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7 June 2017


oh my god, it's been so bladdy hot these last few weeks (edit: lol), and we here in the uk are once again complaining about the weather. we go from *seasonally cool* to *seasonally warm* in a matter of weeks, and every time it happens we act like it's unusual, when actually the very same thing happens every year. we scramble to the shops to update our wardrobes, filling them with strappy shoes and lightweight dresses, knowing full well the nice weather will only last a few weeks before we're back to layering everything with our favourite jumper, and throwing tights on under those new dresses. 

me, i'm not so silly. well ok, a bit silly, but for the for the first time in years, i have made sure to not go too crazy on the holiday shopping, instead looking to invest in some staple pieces that will not only get me through this particular heat wave (edit: lol), but the others that are likely to come in waves for the next few months. things like a good quality denim jacket, a nice pair of cropped trousers, and a great midi dress are the basics for my wardrobe come this time of year, among other things. like:

cold shoulders

this one might be one of the *trends* i've fallen hard for this year, but only in some cases. i think the bardot look is quite flattering on most - baring the collarbone in a loose-fit top over jeans or as a shoulder-baring dress. this red herring bardot top is so lightweight and comfortable, but annoyingly, the straps are in the wrong place to cover my bra. want to know how i solved that particular problem? pulled the sleeves up to make it look like a ruffled neckline instead. i think this look is quite nice on me personally, where my bust sort of makes it impossible for me to go bra-free or even strapless, and i can see myself wearing the heck out of this top; worn with culottes or a maxi skirt, the white is a nice, fresh addition to the *summer wardrobe*.

a two piece

i'm no exhibitionist when it comes to swimwear or heading on a summer holiday, and being that i'm not too comfortable with my 30(something)-year old body, covering up the ares of concern is quite important to me. a nice high-waisted bottom (with heavy print to detract from the cellulite) and a simple, black top with interesting straps are my current faves. the bright colours are very *me*, and the cut fits like a dream. 

classic sunglasses

i normally opt for an array of shades in a veritable rainbow of colours, but this year - for the first time, i've decided on a good quality and classic pair. ray bans are what you automatically think when you consider "classic sunglasses", and the clubmaster are the best shape for me. black and gold, for versatility, these dainty frames will see me through the next few sunny months, and on whatever sun-chasing holidays i manage later in the year too - and no doubt, for a long time to come.

comfy sandals

are massively important for me, with the amount of walking i tend to do both on holiday, and here at home. i'll always opt for a walk over a tube, so whatever shoe of choice i land on will need to be one to support my wide, achey feet. these white sandals (similar) are the perfect solution for me, as the colour will suit any outfit i throw together, and the wide-fit will ensure my footsies stay comfy throughout all the activities.

the right skin care

probably the one thing i never really pay attention to, but naturally, your skin changes with the seasons. i'm usually a bit oily, add that to the lovely gleam of perspiration i encounter on my morning commute, i need something a little different in warmer months to keep my make up actually on my face, but that also isn't too dehydrating. this season i've upgraded to french skin care brand embryolisse (available at boots!), and have started with a micelar water with chamomile and witchhazel in the morning and last thing at night, a 4-in-1 to smooth, firm and illuminate (without making me oily) in the morning, and an eye cream at night to help with the puffiness i wake up with from having the fan blasting me all night. so far, the youngest someone has guessed i am is 24, so i will take that, and continue the current regime!

electric toothbrush

since getting my first electric toothbrush at my dentists suggestion last christmas, i'm obsessed. so obsessed in fact, that i willingly agreed to receiving a second one from pure smiles (a west london-based dentist), because it had a travel case and it could come with me on holidays. no more boots fold-away toothbrush for me; so long as i remember to charge it before i go, i will be travelling with the luxury of astonishingly clean teeth. i've never felt a love like this before, truly. if you've never used one before, it's the most fun you can have while routinely doing something to maintain your own oral health. and travel case!

so, there you go; a few small tweaks to an otherwise standard service. do you make tiny changes every season - whether it be your wardrobe, style, or health, or are you a seasonal overhauler?

*some affiliate links used; some items gifted; all words are mine.