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21 March 2018

only a fiver

i find it so weird when people refer to me as a fashion blogger, because like, i am not this trendy, instagram girl with great, versatile pieces or vintage shoes, or whatever; i buy my clothes either second hand or in the online sales, and usually, for not a lot of money. i've worked in retail before, i know what the mark-up is, and so i now don't buy things full price. ever. and lately, the usual answer to the question "where did you get those [insert item here], they're awesome?!" is: everything a fiver dot com.

i've now introduced my online obsession to a bunch of the girls at work, as well as my main squeezes in real life, and everyone who's tried it has found something they love. sure, it can become a little hit-and-miss from time to time, and you never can quite count on the sizing being the same as the pieces are sourced from all over the place (normally like, bulk buys or warehouse sales, a bit like a market stall would), but generally my finds have all been good quality, well fitting, and an absolute bargain.

often it's my own figure that lets me down, and not being able to try before you buy does kind of suck, as proven by many a dress that arrives that - once on, leave my boobs hanging out, or clings to my hips, or shows off the extra rolls i've gained around my midsection; and lord knows the hassle is real when it comes to returning things to the site (you pay for premium delivery and return to offset the bargain prices), so it can be a bit frustrating when something that you've ordered turns out to be too small for all your curves, but, usually the payoff is worth the initial not-knowing.

dress + cardigan : everything 5 pounds | beret : ebay | boots | new look | bra : m&s

i swear i have ordered from site at least once a month since i discovered it almost two years ago, and only a few times have i been genuinely disappointed with my purchases. usually i can pass them on to someone else, who is the right size or shape for the miss-bought item, and as it's only a fiver, i mostly don't feel hard done by. occasionally you'll find someone who wants to buy it off you, and that's even better, really! so, you can see why i'd find it difficult to think i am influencing anyone else's fashion choices, when the majority of the time i buy things that aren't on the high street, let alone stuff that's in fashion.

i can't think of the last time i bought something because it was "in fashion", actually, except maybe the (many) beret(s) i'm wearing because usually, i just buy stuff that makes me happy. and you know what say: a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

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