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2 March 2018


i think by now, we are all very clear on the fact that i am a pizza fiend. it's probably the most competitive food item in london, with new shops popping up every month with new deals, and better toppings, and a more varied offering; oftentimes, getting too engrossed in the "next big thing" to really focus on the basics of good dough and gouda cheese (get it? omg i'm hilaaaarious!) - arguably the two most important pieces of any pie (when will the punz end?!), right? well, thankfully, it's not been totally forgotten by everyone.

london's tank and paddle really do just focus on the good stuff. their menu is limited (though there are regular daily specials too, so keep an eye out), but covers all the basics, and even includes a variety of options for all dietary requirements. plus, they're super quick to make - thanks to their thin bottom crust, meaning you can actually get your meal in less than five minutes; a friggen miracle in central london! we headed over on a monday night, which is when you can grab any regular pizza for a fiver - another of god's great miracles, frankly. 

they also do beer. and really well, too. their main star is the meantime brewery fresh tank that's in every restaurant, and the reason it tastes so good, is that it has no contact with air until it hits the pint glass; it doesn't need to be pasteurised or filtered like most beers, and it's delivered straight from the tanks on site to your glass, ready to drink! the only thing better than pizza and beer, is pizza and prosecco - and they got that too (and i should know).

but the real winner here is the mac and cheese. i've said this before, and i'll say it again: the highlight of any tank and paddle experience is the restaurant chain's mac and cheese dishes. i went for the veggie option this time, but in the past i've had the smokey chicken, which is chunks of pulled chicken in a barbecue sauce mixed through the cheese, and good griiiief it's so damn tasty. the regular mac was just as great, and just as cheesey, it just obviously missed that smokey flavour of the cheeken. still, it wins my vote - even over the pizza (i really prefer mine thicker than theirs) - every.single.time.

*we were guests of tank and paddle, but all words are my own.

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