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30 October 2012

a love affair

with vintage treasure, and winter food. observe:

this past weekend before meeting up with carmen for pre-halloween shenanigans, boyfriend and i wandered the streets of eat london in search of brunch. we had planned a nice day out, but it was one fail after another. having left the house in sunshine, once we hot london bridge it became cold, and i was well unprepared for the frosty temperatures. fail number one. we had hoped to get into the breakfast club in shoreditch, but - as bloody usual, there was a line of people spilling out the door. i swear their pancakes must have gold leaf in them for that place to be so damn popular. so that was fail number two. we then just gave up and headed toward bethnal green, having been promised a wetherspoons lunch when we arrived. on the way there, we weaved our way through all the vintage shops and pop up markets dotted through east london, where my bad mood was appeased by way of dusty dresses, retro accessories and general pre-loved bric-a-brac.

my winter food obession has been renewed with full effect. pie and mash, shepherds pie, soups, meat and three veg... if it's hot or has gravy, i'm so keen at the moment. good bye diet, it's winter and im only interested in eating food that's filling and warms me up from the inside out.