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24 October 2012

link love - the food edition

oh hello autumn. suddenly it's too cold for cheesecake and ice cream, and my after-dinner-but-who-am-i-kidding-i'd-eat-this-for-lunch daily sugar craving needs attending to. what the heck do i eat now? (oh my gosh. my mouth salivates at the though of typing this post.)

rosie over at the londoner has just blown my wednesday apart with this to. die. for recipe for - wait for it, slutty brownies. i'm not even kidding. and, as carmen totally pointed out, her mind went somewhere completely different based on those two words, but, once you see those step-by-step pictures, you'll
understand. we have plans to recreate this and devour on saturday pre-halloween shenanigans. i shall keep you posted on the outcome (death by chocolate i'm hoping).

kaelah bee has reinvented the wheel! well, nearabouts. i bloody hate candy apples. the candy is always too hard to get through and leaves the apples all gross and clammy. so, say hello to her take on the classic; not yo' mama's caramel apples! she's tested them on a 3 year old in four flavours, his favourite by far being the 'trail mix', which.. i don't get, becuase i thought kids would be all about the one that's the absolute worst for his baby teeth. mind you, i don't see any of these being an incredibly healthy option.  which is precisely why i'm keen on them. and, i adoooore caramel. although, chocolate and bacon? hm. not sure. her step-by-step is super easy to follow too. bonus, bonus, bonus.

now. i am hooked on this food blog. mainly because it is called eat yourself skinny, and a) i love a good oxymoron (whole halves and all that) and b) yes please. kelly literally posts the most amazing food porn i've every actually seen. the woman is naturally thin though, but is all about promoting clean and healthy eating. so when i see things like 'iced pumpkin cookies', 'gingerbread pumpkin soup' and 'rosemary and sweet potato tart' i don't think, i just*drool.

and now on a non-foody note, isn't emily clever? everytime i go to camden and see them selling individual vintage china cups and saucers, i'm left wondering what i would use them for. "tea" seems a reasonable excuse. but, i doubt i would. i would have them decorating my drab room, forever getting knocked over and potentially broken. just for bragging rights and maybe a few adorably instagram pics. so, what better way to kill two birds with one decorative and delicate stone! i'm not sure if i would glue all the pieces down as she has because then you could pop earrings or buttons (if you're a hoarder like me) in there, and also have the option of actually using them for their purpose one day too. but, i am now determined to buy some next time i'm in camden for sure.

gosh i am so hungry right now.