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26 October 2012


1. new pastel nails 2.dressing for the spring...in autumn 3. half priced teriyaki from itsu for lunch 4. bare feet on cold floor boards 5. pink hair (again)!

1. autumn leaves 2. mismatched colours 3. new iphone cover (that i waited 4 weeks for!) 4. a freshly rearranged wardrobe 5. sweet glossy mag heaven after work.

1. my london 2. frosty leaves 3. brown lace and a laundry basket 4. my london (take two) 5. crunchy leaves (there's a theme here: nowhere does autumn quite like london, and i absolutely adore what's happening here. except the cold. you can keep the cold).

1. a posh dinner thanks to agency partners at work 2. whole foods' halloween pumpkins 3. an unusually autumnal outfit 4. ahhhmazing lamb curry while on a work lunch with my team. delicious!

 well that's been my week, how's yours been? follow along: @imbeingerica x