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20 October 2012

it's a soft 'j'...it's pronounced 'yogging'

this friday just gone saw us leave work early to partake in the quarterly communications day, held once again at none other than the infamous ronnie scotts jazz club, in london's west end.

although the concept of listening to the CEO and chairman for a couple of hours doesn't really fill anyone with too much joy, our story is different. we work in music licensing and so our board of directors and the executive team feature some big names in the music industry, so usually our comms days are filled with anecdotes about michael jackson, stevie wonder and the like. this year though, it was a little... lacklustre, to say the least.

the one thing we can always count on though, is there being free booze. and to be honest, there are worst places to spend a friday afternoon than at such an iconic london venue. once the session finished up, we headed to our local and had a few drinks there to finish the night. stupidly, i spent a lot of my night outside in the rain and so now am paying for it heavily, having woken up with razor blades in my throat and a leaking tap for a nose. i feel proper shit right now, and it's my own damn fault. it's been ages since i've been 'sick' like this, i just know it's going to get worse from here. my head colds are never what they seem.

pray for my sinuses. please!