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21 February 2013

dream shopping

"if you could choose your dream shopping destination where would it be?"
this was not a question i had really given much thought, until i was asked by travelsupermarket to collaborate with them and a bunch of other bloggers on an infographic about my favourite shopping street in the world. that got me thinking ...
(was i hoping they would send me somewhere nice to go shoping? yes. was that the case? definitely not.)
i popped over to see what fellow collaborater rachel would choose given the chance, and took some inspiration from her. would i want to fly to new york and visit bloomingdales and macys? yes, yes i would. is it my ideal shoping desitination? well... no, it isn't.
that, my friends, is much closer to home *drum roll please*
i had longed for shopping the streets of london for suuuuuuuch  a long time before it became a reality, and so that memory is important to me. as shallow as it may seem, it was a huge driving force behind me coming to the UK in the first place (not the only one though, don't worry i'm not that bad), so for me there's no doubt in my mind that my 'dream' shopping destination would be little old london. tourists an'all, i wouldn't give it up anyday.

*thank you to money supermarket for making me remember this*