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8 February 2013

five things

ohmigosh! friday already! thank god really, it's been quite a week; busy with work, a trip to the doctors (i'll survive!) and boyfriend with man flu, keeping me awake through the night. all in all, i'm happy the weekend is here! i have plans for a hair cut (nothing major), a spot of shopping (duh), and a nice lay in on saturday. after having a few drinkies with the work crew tonight, it will probably be a well needed sleep in. i digress...

1. if you're in london and like a bargain, head down to the east end thrift store on saturday or sunday for another of their infamous 'fill-a-bag' sales - you buy a bag for a tenner, and stuff as many items in it as you possibly can. i've not been, but carmen has and she has some to die for dresses that she's picked up in on of these sales. they are infrequent, but worth it!

2. this post from mrs. thrifty comes about a month too late... remember?

3. kate does it again. seriously. no words. this dress is just beautiful. and this. and.. this.

4. have you gone nutty for valentine's day yet? nope. me either. i'm hardly the romantic, so boyfriend knows not to expect much from me. he can be though, and has been over the last few years, but who knows what will happen this year. the girls of a beautiful mess have come up with this cute idea to celebrate with a bit of handmade love this v-day. what do you think?

5. is this not the best use of y.o.l.o. you've ever seen? yes. yes it is.