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10 February 2013

the weekend edition :: 6

on friday i fiiiiiiiinally got to wear my new (well... i bought it in the christmas sales, with gift card from my soul sister racey stacey) dahlia dress, because for once i had a reason to look nice; it was party time! a couple weeks back i had booked an area at tigertiger in the west end so i could catch up with my bezzie mate erin - who sadly couldn't make it in the end, but, as usual, my work mates could! we headed off after work, and were escorted to a really fancy area with a basically empty bar... winning! 
sadly, a night out with my work mates is never a classy one. cue the sloppy picture messages and lost voice when you wake up. but, the music was good, the company was great and the drinks were flowing. so i shan't complaint!... even though i was bed ridden with a horrendous headache for the best part of saturday, it meant that i could fiiiiinally get the sleep in i'd been craving all week too. i think i have a touch of boyfriend's man flu. of course i will come the other side, i am woman; hear me roar. plus, chinese take away. result.
on sunday we had very good intentions to meet up with some friends in the city to check out the chinese new year celebrations. we were still keen even though it was raining pretty heavily through mid morning. i was still keen after waiting an hour at the hairdressers. slightly less keen after i ate a dodgy kit kat. even less so after having to leave my shopping trolley with the sainsbury's security guard while i ran to the wetherspoon's ladies (too much info? so sorry), and definitely not keen by the time i'd finally got home, wet, tired and with a sad belly. in the spirit of the holiday, i did eat my left over chinese food. probably the biggest mistake of the day, even taking into account the dodgy kit kat from earlier. i really do have all the luck.

the one good thing that came out of this weekend (besides the much needed sleep), were these little bargains i found laying about in primark. the boots (the last pair in my size) were marked down to a crazy £3. the burgandy tights (which i had, and ripped a hole in last weekend) were £1, as was this fab aztec necklace. total spend in primark today was a whole fiver. five pounds! i also picked up this MUA pro pallet in undressed after reading laura's review on undress me too; couldn't find the exact one, but i really liked the shades in undressed so i think this was better for my colours. all in all, one happy girl!