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14 February 2013

[sponsor] love is in the air

happy valentine's day lovers! i hope that however, and whoever you're spending the day with, that you've been spoiled and treasured as much as you deserve. enough with the love-in, i want you to meet the very first sponsor of being erica, tiff of ramblings of a southern belle.
hi tiff! welcome to being erica, and thank you so much for being my very first sponsor. now, for my readers to get to know you a bit better, i've come up with the 10 most important 'need to know' questions i can think of. are you ready? let's go!

[erica] what is your middle name, and would you change your name if you could?  
[tiff] Well...my middle name is Frances. Growing up I hated the name...then one day...at my Memaw's house she called me by my full name - which meant I was in trouble...in the South...that usually involves a switch. Anywhooo... I said "I hate my middle name!" She stopped, turned around, looked at me...tears in her eyes and said "You were named after me". Needless to say I was a rotten horrible kid that deserved that switch that day. After that day, I became a fan of my middle name...because after all I was a HUGE fan of my Memaw!  I love my middle name even more now...since she is gone. So nope...wouldn't change it for anything!
[erica] i had to google switch. it means what i thought it would... so would have loved my name after that too!

[erica] describe your style in 3 words 
[tiff] ummm...which season and what day of the week? LOL! General:  Trendy, Flashy, Not Trashy! LOL!  No...seriously I can't answer that in three words. During the week at home...it's jeans, a t-shirt, Coach tennie's and a Juicy Couture handbag or a Michael Kors handbag. But on the weekends I love to get dressed up...either for a night out in a cool pair of jeans, a hip top and HIGH HEELS! OH and I can't forget the perfume...either Juicy Couture or my newest obsession Prada's "Candy".

[erica] what is your favourite movie, and can you recite a line from it for us?  
[tiff] That is easy...Steel Magnolias "Weeza, you sound almost chipper. What happened today - you run over a small child or something?" I'm convinced I will be Weeza when I'm old! Can I tell you another line?
[erica] of course!
[tiff] I use this...seriously use it because I mean it; "I have a strict rule, nobody cries alone in my presence!" 

[erica] tea or coffee, and how do you take it? 
[tiff] COFFEE! At home I like it with sweet-n-low and fat free creamer. At Starbucks...oh...that's a whole other ball of wax..."Venti Vanilla Frappuccino with 2 sweet-n-lows and the whipped cream BLENDED in NOT on top" I usually get weird looks...but hey...I wanted to sound "Trendy too" LOL!

[erica] scrambled or poached, and with what on the side? 
[tiff] OOOH...Fried (I'm a Southern girl) with bacon, grits and hashbrowns! oh...and Ketchup too...for the eggs. I KNOW...I'm weird! 
[erica] ooh girl, i put sauce on everything too. it's all good, you're safe here.

[erica] what inspired you to start blogging?  
[tiff] Well...I've had so many blogs...about shelties, family, scrapbooking - even had my own shop...digital that is...for a while...I miss it...but none of them were ME. So...I deleted all the blogs and decided that I wanted to write a blog that was about WHAT I LOVE! I'm learning to find my voice!

[erica] what one food would you survive on forever, and can you cook it?  
[tiff] Hmmmm....Chicken and yellow rice...and yep...I know how to make it! I'll be back...now I'm hungry!  LOL!

[erica] what's your secret to staying so young - i can't believe you have a 23 y.o son!?
[tiff] Secret to staying young...well...yes, I do have a son who will be 24 the day before Valentine's Day. I had him when I was 18 so that kinda keeps me young in years! LOL! Seriously, I look at myself as being young. I dress young, and feel fabulous when I do. I used to say I would NEVER quote my parents...but in this instance...they are right..."You are only as old as you feel!" and most times I feel as if I'm in my 30's! I wouldn't want to go any younger!

[erica] if you won the lottery, what's the first selfish thing you would buy?  

[tiff] OH I know this off the top!  I'd buy the most amazing emerald and diamond ring that Tiffany's has to offer! I've seen one...even tried it on...but the $250,000 price tag...and the cop standing next to me...made me hand it back! LOL!
[erica] gutless! haha!

well darlin', i definitely feel like we all know the 'real tiff' after those brilliant answers! you're so energetic and youthful, and i especially love that you call your grandmother memaw - just like sheldon in bing bang! thanks again for stopping by and sittin' a spell (is that the right expression?) on my side bar this month. yeeehaaaaaw, little lady!

you can also find tiff on twitter, facebook and pinterest, so do pop over and say hi - and maybe ask her for that recipe too! but if you can't wait that long, tiff has kindly offered to share with us one of her favourites, which should be popping up here any day now.