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22 February 2013

five things

happy friday kids! hope you've all had a great week, cos i certainly have! on monday i got an email from groupon telling me that this post i wrote for valentines day was drawn second in the competition. cool huh? even cooler that 2nd prize was actually £250 worth of groupon credit! hellloooo holiday! then, during the day i stumbled across this gorgeous dahlia pinny that i just had to have. an overwhelming desire plus free postage meant it would be miiiiiiiine! monday was a great day! sadly, once i got it home on wednesday, it looked hideous. boo. but, i found a free gift thrown in with my package! free pretty things definitely made up for the sadness of the pinny looking dumb. and free holiday credit! freebies! so many exclamation points! and i always say i never win anything.. i will never say that again! anyway, enough about me.. on with the list!

1. i saw dunya wearing this adorrrrable polka dot pinny during london fashion week, then immediately went an bought it. and this. aaaand almost this and this. until i saw sense. although i am reconsidering that mint number. help me. the pinny though, ohhh the pinny! with a cutsey shirt or jumper underneath.. love!

2. rebecca's gorgeous birthday fairy-light-dress photos. just beautiful, girl.

3. toffee apple and cinnamon cookies (you're welcome).

4. my blog birthday is less than a month away! my how time flies... i dare you to start here and see what drivel i used to write about. what's that? oh, nothing's changed. except some of the coding has changed so pics etc might look funky back in the archives...

5. sunday was so flippen sunny, that i could practically smell spring in the air. spring is the gateway drug for summer, and once summer is here you know what that means... pimms+fresh fruit!
again, you're welcome.