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9 March 2013

beer, barbeque and jersey boys

sorry for aaaaaall the pictures, but i just couldn't stop! after work on tuesday boyfriend and i headed to bodean's barbeque house on portland street in soho, for a pre-theatre pork! *winky face* we'd bought tickets to see jersey boys as our 'sham'entine's day gifts for each other, and even though i'd already seen it once before in melbourne, i was so excited!

i'd never been to bodean's, but at the weekends boyfriend and i spend a lot of time watching man vs food, and adam's food challenges are disgusting inspiring. a few months back there was a pulled pork sandwich challenge that boyfriend was suuuuuure he could beat, so when we heard there was pulled pork within walking distance from work, well, it was a sign.

a sign that he was wrong.

it was too early for a proper dinner, so we chose dinner from the deli menu - plus with a borrowed Q card from a friend at work, we got a free half dozen bbq buffalo wings too. my pulled pork and burnt ends sandwich claimed to be the 'best sandwich in london' but.. greggs does a mean chargrilled chicken oval, so.. i don't know about that. what i do know is that it was the best pulled pork sandwich i'd ever had. 


the beer was a boston-brewed craft beer, and not amazing but, that's beer for you. we were in and out in less than 40 minutes, which was just as well becuase i'd maybe spent too much time in forever 21 before hand. yeeep, priorities. we waddled - stuffed, through soho to the prince edward theatre to claim our seats and praaaay for an upgrade. no such upgrade was offered.

the show was juuuust as good as i remember it, and that blonde kid from s club 7 has some serious lungs on him. who knew anyone from noughties pop bands could actually sing?! no, me either. i forgot there was an actual storyline in that show, and revelled in the biography of it. boyfriend was bopping in his seat, and singing along with the oldies alongside us. we had a great night, and that's another musical boyfriend can tick off the list.