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8 March 2013

five things

this week's been a good one! for one, we were expecting our flatmate/landlady to return home from her six week holiday, only to get an email from her early monday morning to stay she's unwell and will be postponing her leave a while longer! needless to say, we were happy with this news; being alone in the flat has been brilliant.. not that anything's been different, we haven't thrown any wild parties or anything, but just having our own space and the peace and quite is just.. bliss. then, tuesday night boyfriend and i headed out for date night to see jersey boys in the city (more on that tomorrow!), and then we woke up thursday morning to learn that mum had helped us out by finalising our flights back to australia later on in the year - we were absolutely stoked!... and yet sooooo tired! and there was cheesecake on my desk! homemade and delivered! but then on the flip, we've practically had to drag ourselves to work this week - the weather is getting me down, man. i thought it's supposed to be spring. this rainy, cold weather is bollocks. something had better change before we head off next friday for warsaw (currently, it's snowing there). anyway, on with the feels...

1. does anyone know if there's a lulu's in the uk? there are so many adoooooorable things on their site that i must have in my life. like this skirt, this dress and these shoes. oh, and these! plus... and this!clearly my mint obsession is still in tact. seriously? get me to the US.

2. have you seen inside ella's bedroom? she's got suuuuuch great, artistic style. no wonder her artwork is so twee and personal; she's got piles of inspiration adorning her walls!

3. d.i.y lip balm? thanks ashley! cats in clothes? thanks summer! are you an australian vintage seller? join sunae's directory! have you met cricket yet? adooorable. 

4. do you ever get get stressed about posting, deadlines or get blogger's block? thankfully, it's not something that i've had to worry about... yet. maybe it's cos i have a lot to say (and not a lot of people to say it to), but when i have an idea i write it up, and schedule posts in advance. this way, i've always got something up my sleeve.. well, becky shares her 5 easy ways to inspire yourself as a blogger here, and rosie wonders whether blogging is her hobby, and i gotta say.. they're both really honest pieces that made me think about why i blog, and who am i blogging for?

5. i'll be here in warsaw in a week... jealous?
happy friday guys!