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3 March 2013

the weekend edition :: 9

saturday - aka 'the day i went out to get jam and came home with no jam', i had a good old fashioned lay in. i have been feeling the effects of a head cold this week - it's bee interfering all over the place, but nowhere more so that my dear, sweet sleeping pattern. having been out both thursday and friday nights (completely arm-twisted, i sear) i was due a nice sleep. which was well and truly delivered friday night after a jug of complimentary (read: probably unalcoholic) cocktails, a terrible 'passionfruit mohito' (i still maintain it was vodka orange), and dirty chicken and chips in bed circa 11pm. bliss.
when i eventually pulled myself from my bed after my wonderful slumber, and after a coffee in bed while watching new girl, new girls and some storage hunters, i finally got around to trying all my pay day purchases on for boyfriend's (un-needed) opinion. with only a combined 2 items discarded from 7, i felt pretty happy with myself.. until i tried to find room for them all in my wardrobe. i started pulling things out willy-nilly that i hadn't worn in a loooong time, and with no real game plan, decided to post them to instagram to see if any of my IG friend felt compelled to take them off my hands - which thankfully, some of them did!

with still half a day ahead of me, i decided i wanted to get out to the market to pick up some more jam. right? i hadn't been into borough market since that time kim and i had our first date, and i am down the the last scrape of bermondsey bramble which is a dangerous place to be. that stuff is like, sweet, fruity gold.  jam. rock and roll. i jumped in the shower at 2pm and in a personal best time of just under 40 minutes, i washed and dried my hair, shaved my legs, applied a full face of make up and dressed myself, and was out the door and on a train at 3:03. i am woman, hear me roar.
the entrance to the market was more busy than normal - even considering it was after 3pm on a saturday, but i was on a mission for jam, so i took a shortcut through the grounds of southwark cathedral and headed straight for the back market... only to find an empty car park. the friggen market had either finished early or not been on today. my hopes of dreams of deliciou jammy delights were being crushed right before my very eyes... i tried to wind my way back around into the market to see if there was any of the regular stalls in the open market, but there were thousands of people in there, so i bowed my head in disappointment and turned back to the train station with my tail between my legs.
i headed into central london with my returns in hand, and battled my way down oxford street into a wall of saturday shoppers like a mug. needless to say, i did what i had to do, then turned straight for home - i had no business with that place with that many people in my grill. on the train, a dinner decision was made, and withing half an hour i had picked up some dericious chinese on the walk home. no sooner had i walked in the door, i was in my pj's eating dinner in front of the telly. probably where i stayed for a good many hours. it's my day off, so be it.

how was your weekend?