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13 March 2013

w.i.w.t :: polka dot dreams

on sunday - mother's day, i foolishly went into westfield stratford city to return some stuff i'd picked up the weekend before closer to home. read that again. return some stuff, that i had bought closer to home. now, if i was a smart person, i would have stopped and considered that by any kind of logic, i could simply go back where i had bought them to return them, rather than head all the way to east london on the busiest shopping day this side of christmas. yes, well. not a smart person.

so while boyfriend was entertaining his mother (australian mother's day is in may), i stood in lines to try things on, lines to buy stuff, lines for the toilet, lines to look through messy rails, all the while dodging small people on leashes, hand held, dragged by the collar... and in two hours, i visited three stores. the three stores i could have just as easily visited near my house. i had also left the house under the assumption is was in fact spring. which... the sleet upon my bare arms told me was a bold lie.
outfit details:
jumper//skirt//shoes:: primark
sleepy cupcake brooch c/o polka dot dreams