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21 March 2013

time travel:: warsaw day one

so were up early on friday, and on our first train just after 7:30 am. we'd arrived nice and early at victoria, so headed on over to sainsbury's to stock up on snacks for the rest of the trip. we'd still made it to the bus stop extra early to get the best seat, and so we waited. and waited, and waited. and still, there was no bus. it was a few minutes before the departure time, and i was panicked. then a bus pulled up - claiming to be headed the opposite direction, so i asked the driver for help. i cannot tell you how little help this man was. what he was able to tell me was that we were at the wrong bus stop, despite the bus stop number being on my ticket. the stop we were at, was printed on my ticket. but it was wrong. we ran as quick as we could laden with our bags across the concourse to the ready-to-depart coach, sitting as a bus stop that was not printed on my ticket.

thankfully with that one minor mishap out of the way, a few hours later we were flying above a snow covered germany, and landing - albeit bumpily, on a polish tarmac. and it was cold. we got a cab to the hotel, and checked in to a lovvvvely hotel. it was warm and clean with a great view; and a zillion times better than the last hotel we stayed at. i was a happy girl! we had a freshen up then headed out to check out our surroundings. the snow was thick for the most part, so the ground was cold. we were fairly central, so there were a lot of big buildings dotted around us, as well as lots, and lots of public transport. it was loud! we headed for the centre  and found a giant shopping mall offering warmth and food, so we happened on in to take some refuge from the weather. we grabbed a late lunch - and some free wifi, at mcdonalds and sat with our map, and worked out a plan of attack for the next few days...
when we made it out around 5pm, the sun had set and the sky was a brilliant blue. the buildings were all lit up with neon lights, and the whole city looked like it had been transformed! the weather had dropped again, and it was bloody freezing. we got in to the room, and while boyfriend ran a bath in our giant bathroom, i flicked through the hotel movie channel keen for something light hearted before an early night... i was beat!