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4 January 2014

review :: rimmel // colour rush balm

ah, the pre-christmas 3-for-2 make up sales were good to me. like i needed to add to my rimmel lipstick collection, i did anyway. a new apocolips in 'galaxy' as well as something i hadn't seen before; rimmel colour rush balm, in give me a cuddle (best. name. ever.)

i found a really good review of these over at fleur de force and thought about not bothering with this review at all, but... what the hell. she's right about these being better than the previous lip stains or lip butters from rimmel, because the one thing i really loved about this balm is that it kept my lips moist (ew. that word.) for ages. my usual routine for lips is: buff, lipstick, lacquer or gloss and go - only because i hate dry lips; a matte lip is not for me.

through a cup of coffee and something to eat, the balm was ever present - the colour is long-lasting too, and stayed put long after the balm had worn away. i love the colour as it's just pink enough to not be nude, but nude enough to not be pink - if you know what i mean. it's the perfect 'everyday' lip colour, and i have been wearing this one on-and-off since picking it up in the days before christmas.

i think next up is going to be 'keep mauving' or 'rumour has it', becuase - let's be honest, i will get more of these. i basically am a slave to rimmel; i will do as i'm told.

have you tried any of the colour rush balms yet? 
which is your favourite?

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  1. Haven't tried these yet but I love the colour on you! Bonus points for actually keeping lips moisturized too... I hate when products make mine all dry and flaky.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. I'm always looking for new long-lasting lip colours - I've been stuck with Maxfactor's Lipfinity for years - but I am SO tempted to give this ago! The colour is lovely and this sounds better than my usual Mazxfactor choice because my pen leaves my lips soooo dry. Lovely post Erica!

    Jo xxx


  3. I've not heard of these before either! The name of this shade is so cute wahh! I'm deffo going to have to get my hands on one of these x


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