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18 January 2014

something pretty cool happened

for those of you who didn't know, last tuesday laura of six out of ten mag and i launched a new twitter chat. "another one!" you scream, but yes; another one. i used to be a regular in the #lbloggers chats on a sunday and - when i remembered, a couple others during the week, and what i found a lot of the time was that as soon as the topic turned to pr and marketing, the claws came out and it was hangbags at dawn. that's not healthy really, for a shit ton of reasons, but none more important than the fact that that some of us believe in the power of pr and marketing your blog well, and we want to talk about it.

it seems to be a bone of contention in the blogger chats, because some people are pro "doing something because you love it" and others are "gimmeallofthefreebies", but there are another lot, a lot who believe that "time is money" and "you're worth it" and "a bunch of other clich├ęs," but who - most importantly, "rather like getting compensated for something that is wholly a work of love".

i mentioned this to laura (in passing, laura!) and she took it upon herself to decide we should host a chat. i said hell yeah we could call it #pitchesforbitches (as a joke, laura!), and - well, we ran with it, and the #MYBchat and @MarketYrBlogCht was born.
and my oh my, come tuesday night at approximately 7:20pm, did it bring the house down. that's because we started trending in the uk with a chat that - at first felt like pulling teeth, and later snowballed into 20 tags every ten seconds. it was epic, and we got such a great response. we kinda, sorta, maybe got off topic and generally had a nice little chat about blogging + pr, but it was nice.

everyone was really friendly, encouraging, and happy to share their experience (or lack of, which was just as nice). in the space of an hour our little chat had grown to include over 200 new faces, that ranged from newbie bloggers to those a little more noteworthy, as well as some fab pr agencies and blogger outreach companies.

are we going to do it again? heck yes we are.
join us every Tuesday at 7pm, gmt.
#mybchat @MarketYrBlog7Cht

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  1. Loved the first chat - looking forward to many more!

  2. That's so awesome! Most chats I take part of are UK chats. For some reason US bloggers don't have many chats!

  3. YEAH! Go Erica (& Laura) Gonna make sure that I catch all of the chat this week, no nipping to M&S. So glad that you both made a chat that is positive about PR. There are some brilliant PR people and opportunities out there!
    Donna xx

  4. this is FAB. It does annoy me sometimes that I feel kinda judged for wanting to market my blog and become a 'successful' blogger. I can't see what's wrong with that! Can't wait to join in next Tues! (though I never remember chats so if you remember tweet me to remind me!) x

  5. putting this into my schedule!great idea and I love that it's at 7pm rather than 8 like most other chats during the week :)

  6. Aw, I followed along half way through - everyone on my time line seemed to be involved! It was brill. Then I saw tweet thanking you for hosting And thought u kept that quiet! So pleased it was a success- and that everyone got along hehe xx

  7. Sounds brilliant! Sadly I'm 5 1/2 hours ahead of the UK so it's pretty late for me but will do my best to stay awake for the next one :)

  8. The chat was fab and so positive. Well done both on the initiative.

  9. YAY! This was such a great idea and I'm sorry to have missed the live chat.
    I will try and get tuned into the next one. Sometimes I find the Twitter chats a wee bit overwhelming and hard to keep up with, BUT I love the idea of approaching this subject in such a positive way. Because YES - some of us do want to talk about marketing!
    Well done you superstar xx


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