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31 January 2014

the ultimate sleep

last week i was invited to help celebrate two things at the ibis london euston; the first of which was the launch of the 1000th ibis hotel in this universe, the second was the premiere of a documentary by two of the craziest people in said universe.

gareth and aaron, the two chaps behind south american trek and website brazil 9000, were challenged by the hooligans over at ibis to - wait for it - carry one of their new sweet beds up to the top of devil's mountain in the amazonian jungle, to prove that it can deliver the ultimate sleeping experience... you read that right. but, the actual crazy part of this story? they bloody did it; and with a camera crew in tow, no less!

after we watched the film we stopped and chatted with them at the bar; not just about their mental chosen hobby, but also about other more important things, like: what techniques did you implement in the making of the bed? and, how did you decide how close to the edge of the super dangerous, and heaps high up in the sky mountain you should put the bed? we also touched on how much their parents must love their adventurous nature, and of course, what do you wear to bed when the bed is on top of a 1300 foot mountain?

that's me, not afraid to ask the big questions. watch the film. i dare you to.
keen to try that bed out myself though, just not on the edge of a cliff, thanks ... you?

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  1. Tis looks amazing!! Lucky you going :) xx

  2. That's bloody mental, although it has definitely made me want to try that bed, so I guess it worked! Tell Blazin' Squad I said hi (don't tell him I only went to his gig because my ticket was free...;)

    big love xxx


  3. did anyone ask how they went to the loo if they woke up in the middle of the night?


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