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6 January 2014

style crush :: carrie bradshaw

ok. i have a new addiction; "the carrie diaries". i watched the entire first season on netflix this weekend (nothing like a little bit of rain to keep a girl stuck inside!), and i am officially back on the carrie wagon. during the s.a.t.c days i think i was more of a "charlotte"; uptight, prim and proper (read: prude). there was something about carrie's style that i found a little too eccentric, but even still, what i would have done to get my hands on her shoe collection...
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in "the carrie diaries" we see where it all began - where her style came from. i figured that because it is based in the 80s, that it'd be all about shell suits and lycra and shoulder pads - well, i couldn't be more wrong. because carrie was a child of the 70s - and with her mum's wardrobe of 50s and 60s pieces, her style is already very retro... although there is a hellofalot of neon up in here.
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in the begining, you see her rock simple 80s trends like coloured, skinny jeans and noveltycardigans. she's clinging to some of her 70s favourites like smocked blouses, collared shirts and knee high boots too. when she starts working in manhattan, you see her style become a little more tailored - still none of the shoulder pads i was expecting (she is only 16 though), although there isn't a shortage of those in her office or on her stylish mentor, larissa. 

she teams simple pussy-bow blouses with peplum skirts and patterned tights, clashes her patterns and already loves a statement heel. by night - the glitz and glam of new york highly influences her style, which becomes more and more stylised (and sponsored) with her internship at interview magazine, and influence of those in the industry.

and the pearls, always with the pearls.
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one of the things i first noticed is that a lot of the fashion, is current. the reason? tcd stylist eric daman (assistant stylist to pat field on s.a.t.c and lead stylist on gossip girl) said "[we'll] also see a lot of H&M and Topshop, and more accessible stores. I think it's important for the viewers at home to have something accessible and attainable." to the point where there's websites dedicated to pinpointing what carrie wore, and where you can buy it (www.thecarriestylediaries.com and www.thecarriediariesstyle.com are just a couple!)... which... handy for me, cos i am in love with that lips cardigan from f21, and won't stop until it's mine.

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in conclusion; it turns out i love 80s style after all. the 80s of my memory was all plastic bangles and leg warmers and michael jackon. maybe australia didn't get the 80s the way the rest of the world did; i'm jealous of that. i mean, it's undisputable; the girl has great style. then and now. so, would please join me in my current obsession that is style crushing on a 16yo television character, and thank me later.

have you seen "the carrie diaries"? who's your favourite so far?

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  1. oh, oh, oh, my God! This show looks amazing. It could definitely be my next Gossip Girl in terms of style.

  2. oh, oh, oh, my God! This show looks amazing. It could definitely be my next Gossip Girl in terms of style.

  3. Over my winter break there I watched the first season and loved it. I have always loved Carrie's style but I fell much more in love with what she wore during her teenage years :) I'm off to look on those websites so I can drool over all the clothes Carrie wore

  4. Love this post so much I read it twice! Going to be watching this tonight and joining you in your style crush! xx

  5. I love this show! I've just finished the second season and it's just as good.



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