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2 February 2015

brand lust for gogo lush (what a mouthful)

floral watch | love bangle | flower pendant| heart bangle | world map watch

erm so i was casually flipping through the popular page on instagram the other day when i came across a picture of the middle two bangles, and was instantly in love. rare, because i don't even wear jewellery, but something about the gold and mint and love heart and quirkiness of the design really grabbed me, and next thing i know, i'm on the gogo lush web site.

there, i fell in love all over again; pretty pastel watches, sweet gold chains, simple metal rings - everything on site was screaming my name, and i was sucked in. so much so that i added all of the above to a basket, changed the currency to gbp, and then reassessed my life because no-one needs 80 quid worth of jewellery they probably won't ever wear... right? right?

no, i suppose not. however, as i've been harping on about my desire to seemingly 'grow up' and invest in a nice watch (anyone want to buy me the olivia burton of my dreams? no? ok fine), i'm really, truly considering picking up one of the beauties from gogo lush. the world map watch is just too... apt to leave on the shelf (so to speak), and for less than 20 quid, well... it's definitely got my name all over it.

which is your favourite piece from the site?

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