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18 February 2015

tinker gets hitched!

on sunday i had the very special honour of reading at my boo laura's wedding. i was nervous as hell as i absolutely hate public speaking - in fact, hate being the centre of attention at all. some of you might find that hard to believe because i do come across as a bit of an extravert (read: loud mouth), but i am painfully shy when put on the spot. but, when someone asks you to read at their wedding, you graciously accept the offer, and then panic about it behind closed doors. panic, for real.

when the time came - and despite some last minute panic stations about who exactly had the reading as i especially did not have it in my possession, i did ok. i mean, i fumbled a bit over the part i had been fumbling over all week as i practised, but... nobody noticed and i even got a round of applause. i'd earned a wine.

after the short ceremony we hit the grounds of wotton house just outside of dorking for some bubbly and some photos. i even got to be in some of the photos, how exciting! honestly, the weather could not have turned it on more for laura and phill, and we were all blessed with the most beautiful blue skies and warming sun that this winter could offer. we held out about half an hour before dashing inside to grab another drink (or two), finally take our coats off, and find our seats in the main room for the wedding breakfast.

after six rounds of beautifully written and well-executed speeches, we slurped down the final dregs of the champagne and were pleased to welcome our starters to the table. a crisp pastry tart of butternut squash, bacon and goats cheese came to start, and was a fairly good representation of what else was to come. although it was small, it was absolutely delicious. we barely had time to refill the wine glasses in between courses before the main course arrived. a quarter chicken stuffed with a mushroom mousse and served with a side of greens and dauphinoise potatoes made its way to my plate, and then mouthful after mouthful, somehow disappeared a lot quicker than everyone else's seemed to...

dessert. oh my. dessert was the creamiest passionfruit crème brulee i've ever had. well, i've actually never had a passionfruit crème brulee, so by default it was the best. but it was probably even the best anything crème brulee i've ever had (say créme brulee again). it was so rich and creamy, i couldn't even finish it. ermergerrd, i will regret that for the rest of my life.

and then they kicked us out an into the bar while they set up the room for the party. not just any old party with cake and wine and dancing and a photo booth. no, this party had a cheeses cake. that's right, a four-tiered cake made out of cheeses. that's the stuff of dreams, no? we ate cheeses, drank wine and danced ourselves silly late into the night. my feet are ouched, but my heart is so, so happy. to have been part of their big day was a whopping honour, and i will treasure the memory of it forever.

i love you because you're my future, 
my present and part of my past.
my world has been turning so quickly,
and time just keeps moving so fast.
i love you because you have something,
no ordinary person could give.
warmth that i will cling to forever,
and hold onto as long as i live.

i love you because your devotion
is tender and wonderfully rare.
and no one could ever imagine
the magical moments we share.
i love you because you are truthful,
your eyes hold a key to my heart.
i know that you share my commitment,
and i know that we never shall part.

i love you because you are wonderful,
and you give me all that i need.
a hug when i seek reassurance,
and a smile when we've disagreed.
i love you because -- i just love you,
for too many reasons to say.
and i'll always be right here beside you,
a breath and a heartbeat away.

much love to the new mr. and mrs. palmer x

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