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5 February 2015

winter wedding wardrobe (take two)

ok, so i posted my winter wedding outfit option for laura's wedding last week, but since then... i've been thinking. and also shopping. and you see, i bought this dress in the sale, and it's pretty much the perfect wedding-guest dress, no? it has sleeves, which means i won't need to worry about an inside jacket. it's darker, which means i can totally get away with black tights instead of the imaginary 100d nude tights i was hoping to find (although, 100 points to katy for suggesting ballet tights!), and it's still suuuuper pretty and i'll look suuuuuper adorable, and i love it!

i have versions of everything else pictured (and in fact, those exact shoes, ha), and i really, really love how the outfit has come together! i thought i was sure about the last outfit, but, now that this dress is in my life, it's been settled.

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