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19 February 2015

review | ted baker london candle

ted baker london candle c/o house of fraser

a few months back at the house of fraser press day i was enamoured by a range of candles by ted baker that i was told wouldn't be available for monnnnnths to come. i waited as patient as i could for them to be released for the s/s15 season, and i am here to say that it was defffffinitely worth the wait.

the london scent is a mixture of wild rose and english leather, and i'm told was inspired by london's endless and ever-blooming gardens, and wholly captures the the passion and elegance of my favourite flower market on columbia road. with a burn time of up to 60 hours, i know how i'll be wasting away the rest of this stinking winter. next i've my eye on both the miami and tokyo scents... probably because pink, but also because i smelt them all at the press day, and these were the three i had my nose on back then.

have you had the pleasure of burning one of the new range; which is the scent for you?

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