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15 July 2015

wishlist | apricot for autumn

look, i know that we've still got weeeeeks (maybe even months if we're *lucky*) left of summer, but wanna know what i'm looking forward to? a time when it's not as hot as the surface of the sun, for one. muted pastel colours for two. and layering all the things for three. i recently re-discovered an old fashion label favourite of mine, apricot, and got extremely carried away clipping all the a/w things to polyvore, because it's basically my favourite pastime, isn't it.

i adore the colour of the patterned midi skirt, and while i'm yet to jump onto the midi-skirt bangwagon, i might just make an exception for that one. i'm thinking i'd probably wear it with black chelsea boots and a pale waffle knit jumper for when the days start to cool, and in the mean time with a white tee or crop top, and some wedges for a day-to-night look.

i adore the full-length kimono, but i've no idea how i'd wear it. i can imagine it worn open over dark grey skinny jeans, a white long-line shirt and some tan ankle boots, but... we all know i don't do jeans. i couldn't leave it out of the collage though, because the colours in the print are perfect for autumn.maybe with a long slip underneath i could pull it off as a maxi dress, with tights and chunky boots. it's so pretty!

the polka dot tea dress reminds me so much of one i recently passed on to char, but was a bright purple instead of mint, and just wasn't really 'me'. this one though? totally me. so much so that i might have already bought it, so. and doesn't that pink tote go so perfectly with it? it's actually ~reversible too, which is pretty nifty because it's essentially two bags in one. the inside colour is a really pretty azure blue - not normally a colour i'd approve of, but i'm making an exception because versatile.

so much of the autumn prettiness is happening online already, and it's giving me hope; 
a pale, pastel light at the end of the bloody hot and sunny tunnel.

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