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14 July 2015

w.i.w.t | rose-y pose-y

 maxi dress*: boohoo | crown : crown & glory | sandals + belt : primark

don't you just hate when you get up on a sunday in the middle of a pretty hot-already summer, shower, dress and do your make up ready to take photos of your totally-summery outfit, only for you to open your blinds and realise that actually... it's raining. again. yeah, me too. i suppose this will save for another day...

i actually wore a version of this outfit to an event last week that saw me spend ninety hundred hours inside a glass case of emotion heat up inside tower bridge; with all the glass windows and floors and reflection from the river and heat from it being the hottest day of the year, i was hot. this dress is 100% cotton, so i thought it would be perfect for a hot day because its should breath, right?

boy, was i wrong. it felt like what i imagine a tent would feel like to wear. the cloth seemed to trap all the heat against my body, and so my body became my own personal radiator. i was sweating from places i did not know i could or would ever want to sweat from again. i created more heat as i walked across the city, careful to not let my thighs touch too much, knowing full well that the fricken from that would definitely set my whole person on fire. it was hellish, but at least my shoulders were cool.

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