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1 July 2015

wishlist | black + gold

it was as i was "saving stuff for later" - after the sale sneak peek and promo code landed in my inbox on sunday morning, that i started to notice somewhat of a trend to my choices; there was a lot of black options. and also a lot of yellow options. and after my festival outfit on saturday, i wondered if my brain had somehow done some sort of decision making without me being present. 

while i am a big fan of black tights (so comfy! so slimming! so sucky-inny!), i don't 'do' a lot of black in any other areas. maybe a couple of black-ish dresses (patterned, obvs), a couple (lots) of black boots, and now even a pair of black shoes - but usually, no, not a lot of black. so when i'd added the pretty watch, another pair of mel's that i don't need, the fruity purse and finally the polka dot bag, i had to stop and asses my life choices. are black accessories my new jam?

then i noted the dresses i'd added; both ~very yellow. i currently own one mustard dress, one mustard top, one neon yellow pair of heels, and one lemon yellow bag - that is the extent of the yellow in my wardrobe, so... why all of a sudden am i gagging to own all of the yellow? the sun cannot be to blame, as i have barely seen it so far this summer. whatever the reason, i feel excited about adding a new hue to my wardrobe. 

does that sounds ridiculous? good. it was meant to. this post is pointless.
bye - off to buy all the things!

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