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7 August 2015

wishlist | festival friendly

crown | denim dress | sandals | backpack | kimono | sunnies | tassel bag | dress | boots | sunnies | shirt

considering i am not a festival kind of girl, i am heading to enough of them this year. well, for me, i mean. with bst already under my belt, i have reading coming up at the end of august, and a couple of day-time food-and-music festivals this month booked in too. i know they're not quite the same thing, but food and music are like, my two favourite things ever and so if there's a festival designed dedicated to those two things, then i am going to go. and i am going to count them as the same thing.

so bearing in mind that i'm also not a short-shorts and feather crowns kind of girl either, and i'm hoping that wellies won't be needed at any of my upcoming festivals, i tried to come up with some "ericalutions" to the problems posed by day-time festivals: uncertain weather, on my feet all day, not wanting to carry a lot of stuff, still want to look adorable. and, well, this is what i came out with. 

or, a combo of them, at least. the pink shift dress will look adorable with the checkered shirt worn instead of a jacket, while the shirt would look cute worn underneath the denim dress. i think? depending on weather, tights and boots will work with both looks, as will the sandals if we luck out with some sun in summer. i'm obsessed with the metallic backpack, which will work both ways, but i do worry about safety - i like being the only one getting into my stuff.

at the end of the day, i'm all about versatility; i want to make sure that i am totally weather and comfort compliant, but also look totally adorable. ya know? you know.

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